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Universal questions during product discovery

At every step, with every experiment, every conversation, and every written communication, the product discovery process requires a PM to always be asking: - PEOPLE: Are your customers who you think they are? - PROBLEM: Do they really have the problems you think they have? - SOLUTION: How does the customer solve this problem today? - SWITCH: What would be required for them to switch?

P.P.S.S. == PEOPLE = Purple PROBLEM = Pants SOLUTION = Start SWITCH = Stories People Pocket Sandwiches Silently Ponzi Players Sing Songs Pint Packets Stay Soft Purple Pants Start Stories Poodle puppies stay soft People Problem Solve Swiftly

People - who are the users? Problems - do they have the problems we think they do? Solutions - What are the existing solutions they use to solve this problem? Switch - What would it take for them to switch?