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Answer the favorite product question

The most popular question in PM Interviews is “What is your favorite product?” Followed by “How would you improve it?”

This question is supposed to test multiple things which are important qualities of a good PM: - Do I understand product design? - Can I deliver constructive criticism? - Do I understand product differentiation?

Whatever product choose must fit the following criteria: 1. I understand the product well and its competitors and the differences between them 2. I can provide clear and constructive feedback on design/functional choices they made in the app 3. I can weigh the pros and cons of my design choices

Since I’ll be working with customers and designers, the interviewer must know that I can speak with empathy, clarity, and openness.

Here’s a good way to answer the question to propose brand new functionality:

I’m going to use my universal hammer to answer this question. It’s called PPSS (People, Problem, Solution, Switch). I’ll brainstorm a few options for each item of the framework, then using that context, come up with a few ideas for how I might improve the product. If we really want to dial in, I’ll reference each of the ideas against my other hammer, the VUFB framework.