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116.053 Life Lessons - Postpone every subconscious decision

Postpone every subconscious decision

When you are running and a little voice in your head says "I'm tired, let's walk for a minute", and you just automatically start walking... That is your subconscious controlling you.

When you have the awareness to interrupt the voice and postpone the action until it has been properly considered, that is mindfulness and logic.

Simply postponing the decision by saying "I'll run until I reach the end of the street. Then, if I still feel like walking, I will," is my constant goal.

This mindset applies across any decision that might come up in the moment - I get to decide whether any action is in my best interest or not. Will I have that snack/drink? Will I surf the web or check my email? Will I watch that girl walk across the plaza? Will I lay in bed for just a few more minutes? Will I yell at my kid? Will I get frustrated at the guy who cuts me off in traffic?

Be present and mindful enough to postpone every automatic decision until it has been properly considered.

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