108 Data Analysis
File: Data Analysis - Acquitention Heuristic

Acquitention heuristic

Phase 1 of Acquitention is the heuristic

The Acquitention heuristic is another word for "structural analysis" or "level set". It may evolve to be it's own thing in the future, but for now it is a structural analysis.

Phase 1 gives us baseline knowledge of the company, strengths/weaknesses, overall segments, and helps us know whether it would be useful to continue the process.

Acquitention Heuristic = 108.30.10 Data Analysis - Structural analysis + Business drivers review

1. Data Analysis - Structural analysis deliverables
2. Business drivers deliverables #NeedsDetail
- What are the critical drivers of this business?

1. Data Analysis - Structural analysis steps - using customer data
2. Business drivers analysis steps - using financials, business models, BI dashboards, etc. #NeedsDetail

108.10.05 Data Analysis - Timing for data analysis projects

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