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Show, don’t tell

We have to show, not tell: first in line for danger, last in line for rewards. First in line for duty, last in line for recognition. To lead, you have to bleed. Figuratively speaking. But sometimes also literally. - Ryan Holiday

Every quality leader I’ve been fortunate to work with has been a hands-on doer with deep valuable hard-learned experience. Nobody who has ever stood in front of me and told me what needed to be done w/o having jumped in to be the first one doing it, has ever gotten my respect or accomplished what they hoped.

In fact, the people who weren’t capable or willing to do something themselves, have failed many times in my life and career. People with no experience but willingness to learn and work hard have succeeded.

And I am no exception. I’ve been just as guilty of not wanting to jump in and do something myself. I’ve been guilty of telling others what should be done, not willing to do it myself, and then failing.

My only successes come when I’m leading by example, doing the thing that needs to be done, getting into the details, showing how hard work can be fun and fast. 116.002 Life Lessons - I set the pace and when I do… they follow.