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Phases of data analysis

There are different opinions on the distinct phases of data analysis. Sources like and have slightly different opinions. As such, these are not “rules” just suggestions.

My own experience is based on, but slightly different than, Wharton and John Hopkins, largely based on prior experience at Lucky8 . This page is organized from my own experiences, with strong doses of academia influence.

Timing for data analysis

108.10.05 Data Analysis - Timing for data analysis projects

Phases of data analysis

  1. Smart Questions & Good Data. 108.10.10 Data Analysis - Step 1 smart questions and proper data
  2. Data Ingestion & Validation 108.10.20 Data Analysis - Step 2 ingest clean validate
  3. Data Exploration & Structural Analysis 108.10.30 Data Analysis - Step 3 exploration and structural analysis
  4. Model Creation & Predictions 108.10.40 Data Analysis - Step 4 model creation and prediction
  5. Outputs: Spreadsheets and Presentations 108.10.50 Data Analysis - Step 5 outputs and presentations
  6. Post-mortem: wrap up
  7. 108.10.60 Data Analysis - Project post-mortem

Best practices for data analysis

108.10.70 Data Analysis - More data analysis best practices