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Step 5: Outputs and presentations

The deliverable for every project is a presentation of the analysis. This usually takes the form of a slide deck and a spreadsheet. Pretty graphics, tables, disclaimers, methodologies - it is quite structured.

We are always looking for ways to be more insightful and interesting at this stage

Presentation best practices

Have a slide deck template in Google Slides

Create a template in google slides that can be re-used for every engagement. This gives professionalism and consistency. - Start with cover, disclaimer - If this is a new customer, and for any sample presentations, include an “about us” section - Include an “executive summary” - Always have a table of contents so people know where they are inside of the presentation, they can get quite long

Output format consistency is key

To maintain professionalism, it is important that outputs be formatted the same every time. The cohort triangle has a specific format, the summary rows are always included and named the same. This is difficult to do from memory all the time because there are usually lots and lots of outputs. Use tooling/scripts for formatting instead. There is never an excuse for an output to look different than others. Same color, same font, same font size, same summary rows, etc. Every time.

Output generator would be amazing

Nice-to-have (but not must-have) tooling Data Analysis - Output generator