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Data request

The data request is sent to a client after a project contract has been signed. This is the outline for data we need to complete the analysis and answer the questions we should have already outlined while getting conceptual agreement Consulting - Get conceptual agreement before submitting proposal.

Most of the time we will be conducting 108.20 Data Analysis - Customer analysis, so we need customer level detail - the actions and transactions at the level of an individual customer.

We will create and send a data request: Data Analysis - Data request details

We will communicate with somebody from the client tech team to facilitate the data transfer. The Data Analysis - Client working relationship is very important here, because we will rely on these people to be able to do our job.

Potential sample data review * Call with client to understand the data

Remember, however, that the perfect data will never be coming. Often you just have to use what you have and do the best job you can. (1)