107 Philosophy
107.013 Philosophy - Stoicism - 3 stoic emotions

Three stoic emotions

The 3 acknowledged stoic emotions are:


  • Caution v. Fear
  • Wish v. Appetite (also translated Lust)
  • Joy v. Pleasure

Joy vs Pleasure and Caution vs Fear are rooted in the fact that pleasure and fear are externals that we can't control. Instead Joy and Caution are internals that we can decide whether to feel or not to feel.

Wish vs Appetite is more subtle. We can Wish for something without our Joy relying upon it. When we have an Appetite for something we pursue it and we desire it because we think it will be good, and our happiness is dependent upon achieving it. Wishing, on the other hand, is more like saying that I desire something, but my happiness is not dependent upon it. It is a shift in perspective.

All three of these things boil down to the fact that much of our pain is self-inflicted, caused by a viewpoint that the world should be different than it is. Joy, Wish, and Caution, arise from a mind that knows that circumstances can change, and will, but our center can hold and flourish.

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