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How to Ask for Feedback

Don’t be proud. You have a thousand smart, experienced, and willing people that surround you, and their help is gold.

1. Prepare the right questions

  • Open ended questions like
    • What do you think is currently working and not working about…
    • What are specific ways I could better…
    • Which parts about … concern you the most
    • What steps can I take to prepare … for the next steps
  • Yes or No questions allow people to quickly give a straightforward answer
    • Do you think I should take … action?
    • Have I shown improvements in …?

2. Identify the right people to ask for feedback

  • Start with your closest circle
  • Try to find different sources
  • Then widen the circle

3. Productive feedback conversations

  • Ask for honesty
  • Be specific and timely
  • Listen to learn
  • Ask clarifying questions
  • Take notes
  • Commit and follow up