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It is hard to maintain new systems

It is hard to maintain new systems

I often get an urge to implement some new system or process into my life.

It has happened many times… now a running joke with my wife - Sleeping patterns - Fasting - Life quant - (more)

Now I am trying to build and maintain a . The hardest part of the system will be turning the fleeting notes into the slip box notes. fleeting notes are only useful if you review them within a day or so and turn them into proper notes that can be used later.

One key to maintaining new systems is to not try and break with old habits. Rather, create new routines with a positive reward feedback loop and give it a chance to replace the old habits with the new one that you want.

For example, trying to get into the habit of taking notes and integrating them as new thoughts in the ZK: > The trick is not to try to break with old habits and also not to use willpower to force oneself to do something else, but to strategically build up new habits that have a chance to replace the old ones. The goal here is to get into the habit of fetching pen and paper whenever we read something, to write down the most important and interesting aspects. If we manage to establish a routine in this first step, it becomes much easier to develop the urge to turn these findings into permanent notes and connect them with other notes in the slip-box. It is not so difficult to get used to thinking within an external memory of notes, as the advantages become obvious quite quickly. (Book: How to Take Smart Notes, page 146) 125.002 Books - How to take smart notes