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Permanent notes are where the knowledge repository is organized. All the steps leading up to this are designed for this outcome.

Permanent note rules

  1. 101.013 Zettelkasten - Reference block
  2. 101.014 Zettelkasten - Keyword tags
  3. Think about how these notes relate to what is already in the Z. Don’t add, integrate.
    • This is not about collecting a lot of information, but rather about developing ideas arguments and discussions.
  4. Should be my own words written in full sentences that could be used in an article or essay “as-is”.
    • “Permanent notes, on the other hand, are written in a way that can still be understood even when you have forgotten the context they are taken from.” (Book: How to take smart notes, page 44)
  5. Atomic notes, they should stand on their own and not be conflated with other ideas.
  6. Use a proper 101.015 Zettelkasten - ZK naming convention
  • Keep it short or break it up
    • Permanent notes should not be long. Despite the unlimited format of a text document, try to keep the length of a permanent note readable within the screen without scrolling. If it gets longer than that, break it up into branched notes. (Book: How to take smart notes, page 130)