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  • The UNPROCESSED folder is where my new, raw, topic-by-topic notes are created and filled up.
  • Notes will remain in this folder until I review them, decide if anything needs to be permanently moved into the ZK folder. Workflow:
    • Create a new note in the UNPROCESSED folder by using the keystroke COMMAND+T, which will create a note in the format “YYYYMMDDHHMM Today”
    • Modify the title of the note to reflect the current topic
    • Take notes
    • Feel free to take a day or two before the next step
    • Review the note content and distill content into a 101.009 Zettelkasten - LIT NOTES. If anything needs to be 101.010 Zettelkasten - PERMANENT NOTES moved to the ZK folder, do it.
    • Move to the PROCESSED folder