When to hustle, and when not to hustle

Dear kids,

If you read very much of my stuff, you’ll quickly come to know that I consider myself a hustler. I’m not smarter than the next guy. I don’t have better ideas. I don’t have better financing. I just HUSTLE harder :)


You can’t spend your entire life hustling.

Sometimes you have to take a step back and enjoy yourself.

But, it’s hard to know the difference between when you should and when you shouldn’t be hustling. It hard to have balance when you’re a natural-born hustler.

So, here’s the secret:

HUSTLE 90%. relax 10%


When you’re at work, HUSTLE. Find something you love or are passionately interested in, and that society values. Do it harder and faster than anybody, and you can’t go wrong.

When you’re at play, HUSTLE. Squeeze every last drop out of life, even when you’re playing. Boring people do boring things. Exciting, fun people, with a lot of friends, do things that people remember and talk about forever.


Once a day, relax. Spend some time thinking. Spend some time in the sauna. Spend some time meditating, or doing yoga, or whatever relaxes you. This is important. It only takes a few minutes of a completely relaxed mind to prepare your brain and attitude for MORE HUSTLE.

Once a quarter, relax for a few days. This one is hard, and I’m guilty of not following my own advice. But, to recharge your batteries once per quarter for a few days does wonders for your brain, your business, and your relationship(s). Creativity rules during times of extended relaxation, and those things can change your life (as long as you HUSTLE to get them in place when you’re done being lazy).

Once per year, relax with a longish vacation. When I go out of the country for a week with your Mom, I am a ruthless, efficient, monster at getting things done in the weeks before and after the trip.

My average day usually looks something like this:

  • Wake up early
  • Get you ready for school / take you to school
  • relax - workout / stretch / shower
  • Lunch w your Mom
  • Dinner w fam
  • relax - read you a book
  • Go to bed late

It just works.