Monkey-brain vs. Human-brain

Or, The brook trout vs the river, part II

I am constantly being communicated to by my unconscious brain. It tells me many wonderful and helpful things. Waking up. Breathing. It makes my world work.

It is also constantly telling me things that aren’t helpful. Check your messages. Stop and walk instead of continuing to run. What’s happening in the news? It has gotten used to taking the easy way out, getting a steady stream of positive feedback for doing easy things with an instant reward.

Carl Jung said: “Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.”“

When I really move forward in my life, when I make money outside of a job, when I make my wife happy by being thoughtful, when I create value inside of my company, when I direct my kids to be the way they are capable of, it is because I use the conscious-human-analytical-logical-thinking part of my brain instead of the unconscious-monkey-instant-gratification part of my brain.

I must always be alert to what the unconscious is saying. It’s not all bad or wrong. But it does not want me to work hard or struggle or think or expend energy. It is creative, mysterious, unreliable in the real world, but also wise beyond explanation. I am alive! I am good! I am a successful, happy, well adjusted, self-absorbed, beautiful cognitive being.

Sometimes my unconscious is brilliant. It bubbles my most creative and off-the-wall ideas out of nowhere, combining things from my past that I don’t even remember thinking about. It makes me lie in bed in the morning wondering about wonderful things. I need (and want) to listen. I need (and want) to give it easy, constant, immediate, gratification, because that keeps it going (and coming), BUT I also need to filter it, catch it before I take mindless action and make sure the human part of me agrees.

I am an animal.

I am a human.

When I am both, I am super human.