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File: Survival Analysis - Proportional Hazards PH

Prorporational Hazards (PH)

Proportional hazards are a class of 113.020.020 Statistics - Survival Analysis in statistics (1). They predict the amount of time before some event occurs, like a patient dying or a customer churning. Proportional Hazards - Mathematical desc of Cox PH

From my Lucky8 notes

  • has a hard time fitting to yearly data
  • needs a good history of data
  • needs a big enough number of new customer adds (small numbers are hard)
  • hard when you have a direct sales force model

Used to predict saturation

This and other diffusion models are used to predict saturation.

There are other growth models out there

We used PH a lot at Lucky8, but we occasionally used other growth models as well.
- Regression models - Exponential Distribution
- Proportional Hazards vs. Weibull:

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