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File: Regression models - Diff between Expo vs Weibull vs Cox

Difference between Expo vs Weibull vs Cox

These notes reference the equations from Regression models - Exponential Distribution, especially the last two with b-naught.


  • b-naught is a constant - it is a number
  • It doesn't change, there is no time in the function, so it doesn't change over time
    • Constant hazard
      • This is the same as PH, but not named after it


  • b-naught increases/decreases proportionally with time
  • b-naught is ln(\alpha) * ln(t) + b-naught
    • So you can see that as time gets bigger, the b-naught gets proportionally bigger


  • b-naught can fluctuate, it can increase/decrease with time, multiple times
  • b-naught is ln(h-naught(t))
  • Can estimate all the coefficients in the model w/o having to specify the function
  • This function is good for effect-size models, doesn't work for predictive models where you want to predict/estimate survival

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