105 Consulting
105 Consulting


Consulting is one way to make money while avoiding a real job :)

Pablo and I conducted several interviews of our SEP classmates 20200617 consulting interviews notes over the past week in order to understand the mechanics of how executives find and hire and work with consultants. The articles that follow are an outcome of that research.

Different kinds of consultants

There are many 105.10 Consulting - Different kinds of consultants

3 reasons consultants are hired

There are 105.20 Consulting - Three reasons companies hire consultants

Help companies grow!

And without fail, 105.30 Consulting - Consultants are hired to help a company grow
To succeed as a consultant 105.50 Consulting - Focus on acquisition and retention strategy

How to get consulting work

Consultants are generally hired via referral & recommendation: 105.40 Consulting - How to get consulting work

How to price your gigs

Consultant project pricing is not a science 105.60 Consulting - Consulting services pricing

Turn consulting work into a product over time

Consulting can have improved returns by focusing on methodology and process and tooling 105.70 Consulting - Continual improvement and automation