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105.50 Consulting - Focus on acquisition and retention strategy

Focus on acquisition and retention strategy

The most necessary service every company needs is to get more customers and keep the ones they have. That's why the strategy and implementation and software for these two categories is where most consultants work.

In the interviews Pablo and I recently conducted 20200617 consulting interviews notes the acquisition and retention categories were easily the most important. (Segmentation and LTV analysis is a supporting technique, not it's own category)
[9.33] Segmentation and LTV analysis
[9.25] Acquisition
[9.00] Retention
[8.66] Sales efficiency
[8.60] Growth drivers
[8.60] Data engineering
[6.50] Revenue projections

A particular focus on retention will be a good way to go. There are already tons of firms focused on marketing and acquisition, and we have a credible argument that retention requires that the right kinds of customers be marketed to. We can influence marketing by better understanding retention.

105.50.10 Consulting - Rev-Ops is a term that links sales, marketing, and customer success under the same team