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105.40.20 Consulting - Leverage your network

Leverage your network

Once you have customers, be reliable and loyal and do a great job. Be good at both Skills + Expertise. Do the job well, and be the best known for it.

When the job is done, it is extremely important to get testimonials and referrals from them.

Ask your clients to recommend you to other people in their network. Get 2-3 contacts that you can set up an appointment with or interview about their challenges and issues. LinkedIn is good for this as well.

Write books and articles about the topics you want to sell. Spend 30% of your time doing self promotion and networking.

Send newsletters, especially hard paper newsletters.

The consultant's job is client intimacy. This is hard to do when sitting at home. Hard to do via whitepapers. Hard to do on video (but for now that's the only way to do it).

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