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Getting started in consulting

In the beginning it is difficult to be credible enough to get the work. But it is important to start somehow. Just get out into the field, perhaps working for somebody else, perhaps just talking to people, but you need to be in front of people. Partially with the intention of sharing what you can do, but mostly listening to what they need.

Avoid staying at home and trying to develop offers or create digital pipelines. It is better to get experience with clients, even if they are not yours. You share ideas, you get out of the building, you discover what is important to companies, you get experience uncovering requirements, presenting. The best advice is to just start.

It is very important to listen to people. Discover what they want, what you can sell.

Get very niche. Be "the call center doctor" not "big data analysis"

Relevant notes:
- I interviewed 20200617 Olivier Tabbuse - WHY Consulting on how he started and runs his consulting business. A good portion of the interview focused on how to get clients.
- Webinar with Robbie Kellman Baxter, “The world expert on subscription pricing and membership models”
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- Webinar:

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