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Professor Christopher Ittner

I took a coursera course and Ittner was one of the professors. He talks about building causal models to connect non-financial operational metrics to financial outcomes. This is very similar to what Pablo and I had been saying for months. So I decided to dive in.

A few of the things that I got value out of. - Coming Up Short on Nonfinancial Performance Measurement: - https://hbr.org/2003/11/coming-up-short-on-nonfinancial-performance-measurement - (same content, pdf form) https://d1wqtxts1xzle7.cloudfront.net/30346913/Coming_up_short_on_nonfinancial_performance_measurement.pdf - /Users/travis/Documents/Epic/content/academic and industry papers/Wharton professors/Chris Ittner/Assessing empirical research in managerial accounting- a value-based management perspective.pdf - /Users/travis/Documents/Epic/content/academic and industry papers/Wharton professors/Chris Ittner/Moving from Strategic Measurement to Strategic Data Analysis p86.pdf - /Users/travis/Documents/Epic/content/academic and industry papers/Wharton professors/Chris Ittner/Non-financial Performance Measures- What Works and What Doesnt.pdf - /Users/travis/Documents/Epic/content/academic and industry papers/Wharton professors/Chris Ittner/Performance Implications of Strategic Performance Measurement in Financial Services Firms.pdf -