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7. The Maturity Structure of Interest Rates

i. define and compare the spot curve, yield curve on coupon bonds, par curve, and forward curve;

## j. define forward rates and calculate spot rates from forward rates, forward rates from spot rates, and the price of a bond using forward rates;

What is a spot rate and what is a spot curve used for? A spot rate is the yield on a zero-coupon bond. A series of spot rates (spot curve) can be used to discount the cash flows of a bond.

In regards to deriving default-free spot rates, what is bootstrapping? Bootstrapping: the value of a Treasury coupon security should be equal to the value of the package of zero-coupon Treasury securities that duplicate the coupon bond’s cash flows.

What is a par curve? A par curve is a sequence of yields-to-maturity in which each bond is priced at par value.

What is a forward rate? A forward rate refers to the interest rate on a loan beginning some time in the future.

What is a forward curve? A forward curve is a series of forward rates, each with the same time frame.