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Jupyter notebooks

At Lucky8 we worked inside of many different software programs. We had a SQL client, python libraries, R libraries, Excel, web tools, Tableau, more. This meant we were flexible and could do a lot of things but it also created many problems of organization, consistent quality, repeatability, etc.

We finally decided that everybody should work inside of Jupyter Notebooks for SQL and analysis, only exporting data out of Jupyter when necessary to insert into Excel or an output. This worked well because we could all check our notebooks into a central git repo for the project. Then, at any point in time, anybody could go back to a project and look at the exact code that was run, in the order it was run, copy/replicate/improve it.

Jupyter notebook is a great way to work on a project because

  • it is reproducible in the future
  • somebody else can look at your work and figure it out
  • you can put documentation/notes inline with the work
  • you can check it into source control and keep versions
  • you can use external code libraries & sql in the same place

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