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Consumer / Retail / Ecommerce

This is an overview of the business model specific ways to look at consumer/retail/ecommerce analysis, including online, physical stores, and omni analysis. For the big list of questions which are relevant to any business see

Consumer / Retail

  • Store quality
    • Are new stores getting better or worse than old stores?
    • How does store quality differ between core and non-core markets?
    • How many members are stores expected to add?
    • Are new stores taking longer to ramp up and acquire members than old stores?
    • Do new stores have the same member potential (saturation) as old stores with similar characteristics?
    • Are members at new stores churning more quickly than members at old stores?
  • Customer purchasing behavior
    • How does customer purchasing behavior vary by channel?
    • How does purchasing behavior vary by online, mobile, call center?
    • How many people buy from only one channel?
    • Of people who buy from multiple channels how does their spend split between channels and how has that changed over time?
    • What non-subscription categories have subscription-like behavior? E.g. multiple purchases over time
  • Product mix / Demand driven inventory
    • How does the sku level product mix change by category over time?
    • Identify what customers purchase based on segmentation and location
    • Hold inventory at appropriate locations
    • Predict product profitability and effect of substitutions
    • Category management: statistically test new product categories
    • Cross-sell, upsell, and bundle based on customer segmentation
  • Revenue forecasting
    • Monthly and quarterly forecasts used for budgeting and refinancing
    • Demand projection: customer growth and product shipments for seasonality and marketing spend
    • Finance: refine annual budget and revenue forecast
    • How reasonable are management revenue projections for new and existing customers?

Consumer subscription

  • Free to premium conversion
    • What customers are subscribing to what length of plan?
    • Are customers switching from monthly to longer plans or vice versa?

The special case of ecommerce with attachable subscriptions Data Analysis - Customer analysis for ecommerce with attachable subscriptions