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Retail: brick and mortar



  • Customer growth
  • Customer quality
  • Repeat rates
  • Product returns
  • Online/offline correlation
    • If we can show that you open a physical store in Austria and it bumps up your Austrian online sales, that is massively valuable. Were they selling online into Austria before opening the store? How did those sales change once the Austrian store was opened? Is it additive?


  • What is the best way to look at the customer? Tactical vs. long term value
  • What consumer insights can be provided?
  • How do we grow the customer base significantly and what are the best marketing channels for that?
    • “How do we create a new strategy to acquire new customers and what does that cost us”
  • How can a framework/model for attribution be created?

Retention / churn

  • What is the customer environment that makes people come and spend more/less money?
    • “how do we come to clarity on who we are losing value in (share of wallet)”
    • “who are we losing to attrition”
    • “where are we or not acquiring customers”
  • How do we reactivate the higest quality customers efficiently?

Inventory optimization

  • Inventory optimization

Financial analysis

  • Understand gross margins - big in this business, if you have to discount heavily it could wreck you


  • Geography
  • Store type/format (e.g. big vs small box, online vs. offline)
  • Product category
  • Channel (marketing channel, referral, etc)
  • Customer type (e.g. wholesale vs consumer)