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Folders in my Zettelkasten


  • PROCESSED NOTES - All the raw, source, temporary, everyday notes that I have written but no longer need front-and-center. This is the long-term repository for source material.
  • UNPROCESSED NOTES - The notes that I take everyday. I created this folder so that a smaller number of notes can stay in front of me until they are either (a) processed into the Miki, or (b) no longer necessary. When I’m done with a note, it is moved into the PROCESSED folder.
  • miki - The many interlinked atomic notes that make up my personal knowledge repository.
  • posts - Blog posts, longer format, finished writing, photos, quotes, things that I want to end up on the posts list at travis.giggy.com.
  • templates - YAML front matter templates for both mikis and posts.