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Use a nested structure

This was an old note in the version of the ZK with explicit branched naming. As of 20200824 it has been replaced with a more flexible naming convention.

When you create a new note it should almost always branch off an existing note.

The naming convention I have chosen uses a number starting with 101 for top-level subjects.

101 Index 102 Zettelkasten 103 Your environment and systems make success easier

Then, sub-topics below the main topic should have a sub-number. E.g.

102.10 Reading is for fun writing is for learning 102.20 Zettel literature notes

And sub-number again to make another branch

102.20.10 Zettel atomicity 102.20.20 Zettel note clusters

This naming convention is designed to group topics together so they are easy to find later.

This naming convention is based on https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Universal_Decimal_Classification