119 Constructive Conflict
119 Constructive Conflict

Constructive Conflict

There is much to learn in this life about communication. For me in the past, conflict was something to be avoided. But with communication comes conflict. And when done right, communication (and subsequent constructive conflict) can be productive, exploratory, and interesting.

119.001 Conflict - Seven steps to constructive conflict
119.002 Conflict - More communication means more conflict
119.003 Conflict - Are you there for me
119.004 Conflict - Choose the right time and place for a difficult conversation
119.005 Conflict - How to start difficult conversations
119.006 Conflict - Is this fight about what you think it's about
119.007 Conflict - Know what question you want answered
119.008 Conflict - Paraphrase the other person in order to have an efficient conversation
119.009 Conflict - Acknowledge feelings
119.010 Conflict - The 4 sins of conflict
119.011 Conflict - Safe words
119.012 Conflict - Know when to JUST STOP
119.013 Conflict - What's behind the impasse
119.014 Conflict - Memorialize your agreements

Notes: This is a book I picked up because I promised Monique that I would try to find something effective at helping us work through difficult conversations, to lock in and supplement the time we've spent with Michele.

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