116 Life Lessons
116.103 Life Lessons - Training endurance requires mental toughness

Training for endurance requires mental toughness

This is one of those things that is easy to say but difficult to understand.

When you're running and the subconscious says it's time to walk, do you walk? If you keep running, at what point are you just hurting yourself? What if you're getting dehydrated, taking too much time, getting lost, etc etc? If you're tired from yesterday's workout and your subconscious says to stay home today, do you stay home? If you go out anyway are you just hurting yourself?

If it is ENDURANCE that you seek, you don't stop. You always go, you never think about how much it will hurt, because ENDURANCE and HEALTH are two different things.

And I'm not only talking about running. Running is just a metaphor for life.

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